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Good day, everyone. Today I want to talk about one of the main tools not only for cryptocurrency traders but also for all Internet users, about browsers. After all, it is through browsers that we work with websites, search and read information, or watch videos. And for a trader, a fast, powerful, and functional browser is of great importance. In this topic, there will be a small overview of the best crypto browsers and some tips.

Google Chrome Browser

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Google Chrome is not a direct cryptocurrency browser, but it is the most popular and functional. It has everything you need to quickly find information. You can turn off ads and block pop-up messages so that they do not interfere while viewing cryptocurrency charts or active trading.

Google Chrome quickly opens any web pages, reloads them, and you can have a large number of tabs in it at the same time. Moreover, this browser does not overload the computer. The mobile version for smartphones and tablets is also convenient and works great, it is using multiple accounts in Google services and quickly between them.

But the main advantage of Google Chrome is that there are a huge number of extensions for comfortable work on the Internet and cryptocurrency in particular. For example, you can install widgets and tickers for price changes for Bitcoin or another token in real-time. This will eliminate the need to constantly open a chart to find out the current value of an asset.

Browser Brave

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The Brave browser is already closer to the crypto topic, for example, it makes it possible to earn and share profits in the Bat cryptocurrency with the owners of sites that the user visits at will. Since the browser completely blocks any advertising on its own and without any extensions, a person gets only viewing the content.

But if the user wants to view the advertisement himself (in the lower right corner), clicks, and examines it, then Brave will reward him with the Bat token. A crypto coin can be sold on any crypto exchange, for example, BINANCE , or donated to the site’s owner. Thus, the user decides for himself what and when to watch, and the advertiser gets more clients or donations in the form of money.

The main idea of Brave is without intrusive ads, only at will! And this is beneficial for both the user and the owner of the site. By setting Brave as the main one on your PC and smartphone, browsing regular sites, you can simultaneously earn a certain amount of Bat cryptocurrency. And some even try to purposefully earn money from this as from their main job!

Browser Cryptotab

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Cryptotab browser is a real crypto browser, and all because it has a built-in mining algorithm! This is the main difference and its advantage over all other browsers. Cryptotab is a program for mining cryptocurrency using the computing power of a PC or smartphone.

In essence, this browser is software for Bitcoin mining. It uses the resources of a computer or mobile phone more efficiently than a regular BTC mining program. Cryptotab increases bitcoin mining speed up to 7-8 times! There is a referral program, that is, you can invite other users and receive a reward from them for connecting and using CryptoTab.

As a result, the browser Cryptotab should better be used as the default browser for mining crypto. How many resources of PC will used, the user determines himself in the settings. You can only earn Bitcoin, but it is unlikely that you can really make a lot of money on this, as there are conflicting reviews. Real earnings on cryptocurrencies are investments or trading, keep in mind.


The topic of crypto browsers is complete. Personally, I myself use all these 3. Google Chrome is my main browser for searching and reading information on the Internet, Brave for opening cryptocurrency charts, and I use CryptoTab to trade cryptocurrencies in the Smart Terminal 3commas. That’s all until new videos on

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