Cryptocurrency trading game

Hello to all traders. In this video, I will tell you about one of the cryptocurrency trading games. In one of the past videos “Review of games for the trader’s brain”, I have already mentioned, games for the development of thinking, memory, and attentiveness of a trader. Now we are talking about the best game for developing all three of these important skills. Go!

Why are crypto trading games needed?

game for crypto tradingGames to improve memory, thinking and mindfulness will help you better remember the details of transactions for the purchase or sale of cryptocurrency. You will be able to think more productively and plan your trading strategy in order to buy and sell tokens at the best prices. And attentiveness will be useful to you in order to enter and exit trades on time.

In addition, by developing all 3 of these useful skills, it will become easier for you to control yourself and deal with stress while remaining in a balanced state. Such games are not only extremely useful but interesting and exciting, they will allow you to escape from monotonous and boring trading.

Development of trader skills

Instead of looking for opportunities to enter the crypto market all day, it is better to spend a few minutes on self-development! So what is this game? It can be found on the site of games for the development of attention, thinking, and memory – Wikium. There are many different games on this platform and I advise you to go through them all several times.

But the most interesting game is called “Microbiologist”. You will find a link to this game in the description of the video – The game develops strategic thinking, plans things for the future, the function of attention to stop repeating the same mistakes, and non-verbal login, to easily solve problems in everyday life.

Improving the brain of a crypto trader

There are 3 levels of difficulty – medium, easy and hard. Your task is to send all purple (useful) objects in the form of microbes to the center of the playing field. You need to plan your actions several moves in advance! On your way there will be obstacles in the form of partitions and red (harmful) germs, getting into the center of which must be avoided.

Management – arrow keys and cursor. The game is available through a browser for Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Android devices, so you can play it anytime, anywhere. The game has about 30 levels, but they will repeat until you lose. There are 3 attempts to restart the game after a loss. After using all three attempts, the game will start over.


The video on the topic “game for cryptocurrency trading” is completed. The game “Microbiologist” will definitely come in handy for improving your trading and increasing profits. I advise you to go through all the Wikium games and hone your skills for at least 6 months, 15-30 minutes a day. That’s all until new videos on

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