Cryptocurrency Bots 2021

Good day everyone! In this video, I will share with you the best cryptocurrency bot settings in 2021. I must say right away that our platform is 3commas because, in 3 years of using robots for trading digital money, I have not yet met a better site. Let’s get started!

Best cryptocurrency bot settings in 2021

crypto bots settings 2021In the previous video “Which cryptocurrency and pairs are better to trade in 2021?” I talked about tokens and pairs that should be used for manual and automatic digital money trading. Below I will provide an example of settings for the 3commas bot, which are conservative and efficient.

I warn you right away that you should not expect a high income, because, for beginners, I recommend first learning how to use and evaluate the effectiveness of robots. The point is that aggressive bot trading should be accompanied by constant technical analysis of the chart and making changes to the settings. Otherwise, bots will destroy your deposit.

Which cryptocurrency bot to choose in 2021?

crypto bots settings 2021I also want to warn you that the team is not responsible for your actions and the use of bots. In some cases, when the entire market falls, no bots will save you. Sometimes it is better to turn off the robots and observe the situation from the outside. Not enough to launch a bot and start making easy money. Trading bots only saves time and makes trading easier, but does not replace trading skills!

To begin with, I recommend using a demo account (paper trading) in order to learn how to trade effectively. And only then switch to real money trading. I recommend for novice traders to use an initial order with a minimum bid of 10 USDT and a safety order of 20 USDT. At the same time, you must have at least 50% of the deposit free.

How to use cryptocurrency robots?

crypto bots settings 2021An example of how to set up bots effectively can be found on the link to the description in the video. Follow this link, copy the bot, and then launch it. These settings are given for Paper Trading, which is available for 3 days free of charge for newly registered users or on any 3commas paid subscription.

I will also give a description of the bot settings in the text. In the video, I will not talk about these settings. To read them and enter them manually, follow the link in the video description and you will be taken to the article for this video. The settings are as follows:

Exchange Binance


Strategy Long

Target profit (%) 1.0 (total_bought_volume | Quote Currency)

Deal start condition

RSI-7, 5 minutes, 79

ULT, 5 minutes, 64

Base order size 10.0 USDT

Safety order size 20.0 USDT

Max safety trades count 9

Max active safety trades count 3

Price deviation to open safety orders (% from initial order) 2.0

Start order type Limit

Safety order volume scale 1.2

Safety order step scale 1.0

Cooldown between deals 0

Minimum price to open deal

Maximum price to open deal

Trading 24h minimal volume 0

Deal start delay (QFL and standard TV signals only) 0

Trailing OFF

Trailing deviation (%) 0.2

Simultaneous deals per same pair 1

Open deals & stop

Created 01/01/2021 7:44 PM


The video about cryptocurrency bots 3commas and the best settings in 2021 is completed. I gave you an example for only one bot. However, if you want to really use robots at a high level, to get advice on which pairs, on what day, and which signals to use, join the private group.

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