6 options for offline investment without cryptocurrency

Hello. The topic of this video is devoted to – where to invest money for a crypto trader? After all, keeping everything in cryptocurrency is not reasonable and it is worth having other options for investing and storing money, preferably offline. I will talk about all these 6 options in the current video. Begin!

Where to invest money for a crypto trader

investments for crypto traderThe first option is cars or motorcycles. At a minimum, you will be able to drive and use the vehicle yourself while traveling. And in the future, it is possible to sell when you need money. Or rent out vehicles and get additional income. It is worth considering that it is advisable to rent cars or motorcycles only in tourist places.

The second option is real estate, let it be a house, apartment, or business premises. Again, you can use houses or apartments yourself and live in them without spending money on rent. Or rent out your property to other people for additional income. The main condition for the delivery of real estate is that it must be located in the center or in a popular area of ​​the city.

Investment methods for a crypto trader

The third option stocks. Of course, if you prefer to buy and store cryptocurrency, you have no time for other assets, be it forex or stocks. However, all eggs in one basket are definitely not worth storing, and stocks are one of the reliable options for storing even small amounts of money offline. Moreover, not everyone can immediately afford to buy an apartment or a car.

The fourth option is gold. The analogy here is the same as with stocks. Gold is a moderately reliable asset that slowly rises or falls. Buy as much gold as you currently have free money available. In this case, you should consider yourself not as a crypto trader, but as an investor who has decided to keep money in gold for a long time.

We keep money in something other than cryptocurrency

The fifth option is antiques and antiques. Quite an expensive way of investing, but very profitable and interesting. These include objects of world art and paintings, furniture of 100 and even 500 years ago, Chinese ancient amulets and porcelain, and much more. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to figure out what and how much money really costs. By the way, this topic is close to the NFT digital money.

Therefore, you will have to learn to independently understand the world of antiques or hire specialists, among whom there are many crooks and non-professionals. The sixth option is a safe or bank deposit. Suitable only if you store money for a short period of time, from 6 months to 1 year, until you know how best to deal with the extra money.


The video on the topic “6 options for offline investment without cryptocurrency” has been completed. I talked about 6 main ways of investing so that you have additional income without being tied to trading and investing in digital money. Remember that your main task is to save the money you earn. That’s all and see you soon at botcryptotrade.com

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