Moonbeam – platform for crypto projects on Polkadot


Hello crypto enthusiasts! In this article and video, I will tell you about a new, unique and ambitious project in the world of cryptocurrencies – Moonbeam. I must say right away that the people, the ambassadors of this platform can make future together with great blockchain team.  Developers run already some projects and token MOVR, but this is just the beginning, because the platform continues to evolve. Details below.

What is Moonbeam?

Moonbeam cryptocurrency

The Moonbeam protocol is a parachain smart contract compatible with the Ethereum network. The developers aim to solve the problem of multi-networks and the interaction between these cryptocurrency networks. Moonbeam will make it easier for other projects to implement multi-chain deployments as well as implementations with third-party platforms from third-party Polkadot-based networks. The team of this protocol has already proven its professionalism in the cloud technology market and high-level programs on a global scale.

Moonbeam enhances the capabilities of the Ethereum network by offering various features such as staking, on-chain and cross-chain deployments. The platform has a direct impact on the Polkadot system, allowing the load to be distributed on the blockchain evenly and at an improved level. Moonbeam has its own API that guarantees very broad access to Web 3.0 and great ease of use of DApps and Solidity smart contracts. In the third quarter of this year 2021, developers will launch a new network with new benefits for users. In simple terms, Moonbeam is a bridge that opens up the opportunity for ordinary users and developers to work simultaneously with Polkadot and Ethereum.

Advantages of Moonbeam

Moonbeam - platform for crypto projects on Polkadot

There are many other platforms in the cryptocurrency world that are trying to do an effective job of launching new projects based on Ether and Polkadot, as well as improving existing ones. What are the advantages of Moonbeam? First, this platform offers a working solution for the compatibility of different blockchains and the fastest currently available access to the Ethereum network. The protocol allows third-party developers to develop an interconnected ecosystem of, say, various DApps. And here Moonbeam guarantees a very high level of censorship and decentralization, supporting the DApp ecosystem by offering open source and blockchain technologies.

The second is an improved API for porting DApp applications with minimal changes. This enables users of the Moonbeam protocol to open clients such as MetaMask and Truffle instantly and without freezing. The third is on-chain management. This governance helps interested developers on Moonbeam to quickly evolve the initial protocol without forking. Fourth – ubstrate-Compatible tools, which contain front-end development libraries, block browsers and wallets that allow users and developers to create their projects on the blockchain. Fifth, cross-chain integration. By leveraging token bridges and the Polkadot ecosystem, Moonbeam enables token and message transactions with the Ethereum ecosystem or other blockchains.

Become a Ambassador of Moonbeam – what is it?

Now the most important question is how to become part of team Moonbeam for an ordinary user? There are several options, I will tell you a few words about each of them. 1) Become the Ambassador of Moonbeam it is mean that you get opportunity working with great and professional people, get new knowledge, experience and education about cryptocurrency business.  2) Participation in the Moonbeam ambassador program, which will allow you to probably (but not guaranteed) get a free airdrop of a certain amount of Moonbeam coins (GLMR) or the opportunity to buy tokens with some discount. 

What is the Moonbeam Ambassador Program? This is that you are the representative of this project – you talk about it, invite other users or developers to join the platform and promote it. Namely: write posts and articles to post on your own website, Facebook, twitter, Instagram or other resources. Create videos and presentations, graphic designs, marketing brochures, music and creative content. Become a Moonbeam developer and help improve software and blockchain technology. Help maintain documentation and educational tools for users and other ambassadors. Group administrator – create thematic groups in your native language on Facebook, online, telegram or Twitter, lead them and attract new users to your group.

Learn more about the project on the website, and about the ambassador program on the Ambassador Program Moonbeam page.


The video about the Moonbeam cryptocurrency platform is over. I told you what is Moonbeam, its useful properties and functions as a protocol. That’s all, subscribe to my channel, like and comment, and see you in the new video releases!

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