Cryptocurrency Trading Books

Hello friends. In today’s video, I will talk about books on investing and trading cryptocurrencies. Although some books were written for the stock market and Forex long before the advent of Bitcoin, however, these books are still relevant and interesting for those who want to improve their trading skills. Let’s get started!

What books can be read on crypto trading

Cryptocurrency Trading BooksSo, the list of books that I highly recommend reading is the following:

1. “Trilogy of Desires” – a series of novels by the writer from the USA Theodore Dreiser. Three books is “The Financier”, “The Titan”, and “The Stoic”, describe the financial and social life of the United States from 1861 to 1905. The main character is the wealthy businessman Frank Cowperwood. From these books, you will learn about the qualities that every successful trader should have.

2. “Getting started in Technical analysis” is a book written by Jack Schwager from the USA that covers all aspects of technical analysis. Namely, you will learn about the most common candlestick patterns, chart patterns, learn how to build trend lines correctly, find strong support and resistance lines.

Best Books on Investing in Digital Money

3. “Japanese candlesticks” – a book by Steve Nison, one of the experts in the financial markets. The guide describes in detail all possible types and combinations of Japanese candlesticks, concepts, and methods of reading candlestick patterns and how to combine them with other technical analysis setups. The book provides many practical recommendations for a complete mastering of candlestick analysis.

4. “Elliott Wave Principle” – by Robert Balan. One of the best tutorials on Elliott waves, the principles of which are applicable for use in the technical analysis of cryptocurrencies. You will learn theory, concepts, all types of waves and sub-waves, and get hands-on exercises to fully understand the basics of Elliott waves.

What can you take useful from books on cryptocurrencies?

5. “Trading in the zone” is a book written by Mark Douglas. This book is more a psychological guide for traders. You will learn how to deal with emotions, how to reason, think and act in order to become an effective trader. The book provides a special psychological trick that will prepare you for losing and profitable trades.

6. “Revolutionary Blockchain” is a book written by Don Tapscott. It is still worth knowing a brief history and general principles of digital money and blockchain as a trader or investor of cryptocurrencies. This book will strengthen your faith in the revolutionary blockchain technology and you will learn to better understand which projects are worth investing in in the medium and long term.


The video about book investing and trading cryptocurrency is completed. I have recommended to you the literature that is worth reading and studying for every trader in order to improve their knowledge and skills when working with digital money. That’s all until new videos on

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