Cryptocurrency trading taxes

How to pay tax if you are trading cryptocurrency? It seems that it is difficult to organize, a lot of paperwork, queues at government offices and other unpleasant things … In fact, this is not the case and taxes for trading digital money can be paid almost automatically online without leaving home!

Paying taxes for cryptocurrency online

Cryptocurrency trading taxesThe CryptoTrader.Tax website will help you with this. Its advantages are as follows:

– Fast payment of taxes for cryptocurrency in 3 clicks in 5 minutes.

– A handy online calculator that will automatically calculate how much you should pay taxes on your profits for trading Bitcoin or other altcoins.

– You just need to connect CryptoTrader.Tax to your crypto exchange, import the history of trade transactions and you will receive a full report for paying taxes!

– Complete absence of overpayment or underpayment of taxes. CryptoTrader.Tax works correctly, quickly, and efficiently.

– Not only profitable trades are taken into account, but also unprofitable ones. Therefore, if the month has gone to breakeven for you or with loss of money, you pay nothing!

How do I pay taxes on Bitcoin and other coins?

Cryptocurrency trading taxesCryptoTrader.Tax offers 4 tariff plans, which differ in the cost and volume of processing transactions for the tax season for storing and trading tokens. All plans include email support, “IRS Form 8949”, unlimited report revisions, “FIFO”, “TurboTax Integration”, “LIFO”, “TaxAct Integration”, “Capital Gains Report”, “Tax Loss Harvesting …

The cheapest Hobbyist plan offers $ 49 to process only 100 digital money transactions per tax season. This option is ideal for investors and holders who prefer to open a small number of transactions and expect the cryptocurrency to grow in the long term.

Crypto Tax Payment Platform

Cryptocurrency trading taxesThe “Day Trader” tariff plan costs $ 99 and offers up to 1500 trades per tax season. Anyone who opens 1 or several deals per day on a 1D timeframe will be fine with this option. The “High Volume Trader” tariff plan for $ 199 is designed for scalper traders who open dozens of deals in 1 business day.

The $ 299 “Unlimited” plan offers endless deals. This option is suitable for traders who use 3commas crypto bots and open 20-100 transactions per day on the machine. Before paying for CryptoTrader.Tax services, it is suggested to try the platform completely free of charge or to get your money back if after a while you are not satisfied with the platform’s work.

Go to the CryptoTrader.Tax website and start paying taxes for trading cryptocurrency online quickly, easily, and without leaving your home!

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