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Bitcoin is the complete business of wealth. In the beginning of 2018, the price of Bitcoin dramatically increased to $13,850 per coin which is 1,3000% due to the initial price of 10 cents per coin. There’s no other business that can grow up to 1,300 times like this. The software, CryptoBroBot, helps you easily earn your income each month from this business! You can use your obtained Bitcoin for online purchase or use your ePayment card to withdraw your bitcoin from any ATM in the world including Thailand!!!

Bot Cryptocurrency


The cheapest platform with
no hidden payment!

Say goodbye to double payments as you only complete a one-time payment of $500 with us and enjoy a life-time software with unlimited access . This platform has the lowest fees and you will get your money back from crypto trading profits within 2-3 months.

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or novice trader, this software helps you earn income from cryptocurrency trading, thanks to its easy-to-use interface. The system will also guide the user step-by- step. You will discover that trading has never been soeasy!

Bot Cryptocurrency

The lowest risk, profits from both ways

You will be able to make profits up to 5% per month with the minimum risk of losing your investmentbeing as low as 1%. This is suitable for new traders with no experience. You can always makeprofits even if the price of bitcoin increases or decreases.

Restructure settings to
earn more profits

If you are a professional trader with you trade on a larger scale, you can make huge profits by restructuring the setting to a higher risk. However, please keep in mind that the higher the chance of making profits, the higher the risk of losing your money.

Bot Cryptocurrency

Profits guaranteed or we’ll offer full refunds

If you do not make profits from our robot after three months of purchase, we will offer you a fulrefund. If you want to guarantee your profits, you must allow our experts access to your account iorder to verify the refund situation.

Our bots are limited! Our robots are unique
and uses extra special strategy. It is only suitable for serious traders
who want to make profits. There’s no chance for those who only trade for fun.

Bot Cryptocurrency

Trading with Bitcoin Crypto Robot

The concept of trading bots or Expert Advisor (EA) development, comes from the weakest link of humans who tend to act on emotions alone, which may negatively affect the analysis and decision making required for trading cryptocurrency. Sometimes, you may make decisions based on emotions instead of trading and this will often result in failures in trading. Additionally, the human concentration varies each day, which might affect the trading as well. However, the robot will not make the same mistakes.


The trading bot is stable in making decisions

The robot is a programmed tool so it has no emotion and it can make rational decisions. It experiences no pressure unlike humans. This will aid emotional traders who can’t stand the currency price movements which might lead to a wrong decision.


The trading bot works 24/7, nonstop

The crypto robot diligently works according to orders 24/7; nonstop. This is unlike humans that need to rest Some may even get too lazy to even look at the trading screen and maymiss the chance to make profits from crypto trading.


Our bot can check trading history

Thanks to the smart programming of our forex robot,
it can check trading history in order to analyze the online trading strategy and even improve orders of the system for better performances. The history check enables us to see the investment returns and risks from previous automatic trades. Which means that we can ensure that the forex bot utilizes the most suitable strategy.


The robot is able to trade rapidly.

The trading bot has been programmed in advance. When the trading signals are alerted and match the conditions, the robot will immediately send orders to the system. This is different from the way humans operate which requires thought process prior to decision-making. In addition to this, the bot, has been
developed to send several orders at the same time — which helps increase trading opportunities. You can also trade in Forex market 24 hours a day.


Robot Trade is suitable for all traders

If you are a professional trader and you have knowledge of statistics and programming, you can build an algorithm or program to decide how the bot trades. But if you are just a novice trader and have no knowledge about any programs, you can use the developed
and tested strategy. The auto trading robot helps traders from any level to earn

Bot Cryptocurrency

Pricing and services

Cryptocurrency bots from utilizes advanced trading software, launched in the year 2018. The software has been developed by a Russian crypto company together with experts and professional traders. The main objective of the trading robot software is to open opportunities to new traders who wish to invest online. This automatic trading software facilitates trading experience to everyone; even those who have never traded before. The interface is easy to use. The system will guide the user to through the steps of trading. Our forex bots also come with a minimum risk, as low as 1%. It’s highly suitable for new auto-traders. If you like to trade with Metatrader 4 robot or on crypto site, we have 2 products available to meet your automatic trading needs.

Bot Cryptocurrency

Robot Trade is suitable for all traders

Price: 500 USD
Minimum invested amount: 1100 USD
Profit 5% per month from the deposit amount
Risk: Minimum risk of loss as low as 1%

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Bot Cryptocurrency
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Robot Trade is suitable for all traders copy

Price: 500 USD
Minimum invested amount: 1100 USD
Profit 5% per month from the deposit amount
Risk: Minimum risk of loss as low as 1%


How to earn profits from Bitcoin?

There are many ways to earn profits from Bitcoin business.
Each method of earning profits has its own strategy, pros and cons.

1. Buy and Hold

One of the best ways to earn profits from bitcoin business is buying them for …. however, you mustbuy the bitcoins when they are at the lowest price. Once, the price had decreased to more than 30%and increased back within a few weeks. This method is quite risky, as the value of bitcoin has nosupported assets. Furthermore, bitcoin value greatly depends on the trust of users. There’s alsoconstant news of theeconomic bubble.

2. Mining

Another way to earn profits from the bitcoin business includes mining. This method is done by
using high performance computers to mine bitcoins. The winner will receive bitcoins as a reward until all designated coins are created. This method used to be popular in the past. Its benefit is that the system will process all the time, as long as your computer is powered on. However, there are many disadvantages.
You must invest a lot of money in very expensive equipment and there are other expenses such as electricity, maintenance, miner’s fees etc. You must also be knowledgeable of the computer system.

3. Bitcoin Trading

Tradingis buying and selling cryptocurrency in the Forex market and on the crypto exchange site. There are currency pairs for traders to choose from. Forex market is an international market is open 24 hours from Monday to Friday and it closes on Saturdays and Sundays. However, for the trader of currency pair
Bitcoin/USD, he/she can trade every single day as the market only closes for 2 hours on Saturday and Sunday. There are also many strategies for traders to use, including using bot crypto (Expert Advisor), following up with the news, reading graphs or using platforms. The most famous platform for trading is
Metatrader4 — which is still popular nowadays despite the newest version; Metatrader5. Moreover, you can also trade on the crypto exchange site. The benefits from this method include an ability to make profits despite the increase or decrease in the price of bitcoin. This is different from the other two methods mentioned above. Most traders prefer this method. In addition to this, trading on your own is very difficult and is also a time-consuming process. Trading experience is a must and you also need a lot of money to invest in this business. Therefore, f you are a new trader, using trading bot is the best method for
your success.


How does our Bot Crypto work?

Our crypto currency robot works just like any trading market. It works for your around the clock, even when you are in bed.

What are the benefits from trading with Robot Bitcoin?

There are many benefits from letting our bots trade for you. Our bots are much more proficient than a human. It will definitely help you earn nonstop from Bitcoin, even when you sleep. Therefore, you will not waste your time trading Bitcoin even for 1 second.

Will I lose my investment if the Bitcoin price decreases?

Not at all. Thanks to the high performance of the bots from, no matter the prices of Bitcoin increase or decrease, you will earn your profits either way.

What are the differences of your bots from other bots on the market?

Our bot trader opens an opportunity to the new auto-traders to easily use our platform. Our interface is easy to use. Even if you’ve never traded before or have no knowledge and skills of trading cryptocurrency, you can start earning your
profits right away. Moreover, our bots come with minimum a risk from as low as 1%.

How much do your bots cost?

At the moment, we offer 2 Forex robots with the lowest prices on the market: Robot Metatrader 4 and the robot on the
Crypto Forex site. You can read further details of each trading bot on the pricing and services page in order to choose the most suitable trading bot to suit your needs. is not responsible for any material included on its current web site. Our content or bots, are not responsible for any damages or losses connected with any products or services mentioned on the website. Trading Forex and trading in the cryptocurrency market involves high risks and it might not be suitable for every investor. Prior to trade, you should thoroughly consider investment objectives, level of trading experience and overall risks. You should also consult your independent financial advisor in case of any doubts. There’s a high possibility that you might lose part of or all invested amounts. Therefore, you should not invest any money that you can’t afford to lose. Reading this site and buying bots means that you’ve accepted any potential risks and
have agreed to it.

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