ATAS platform review

Hello all guys. In this video, I make a review for you of the ATAS platform. To know more about this system in detail you can on the page “ATAS – trade with order flow”. Let me remind you that this is a platform that offers professional tools and charts for the accurate analysis of the cryptocurrency market. And this in turn will allow you to trade better and more profitably.

Registration and installation ATAS

Atas review

Let’s start registration on the ATAS website. Go to the main page and click on the “Registration” button. You will be prompted for a username, email, and phone number. Next, check the box that you agree with all the conditions of this site. Click on the “Continue” button. A link confirms the registration will be sent to your email.

Back to the ATAS website and log in to the system via a login. The “Personal Area” page opens. It contains information about your subscription to the platform if you have already paid for it. Or on this page, you will see the status of the DEMO version – how many days are left for you to use it. “ATAS shop” – in this section are all the products of the company, including future ones.

When you click on the “ATAS platform” button, you can see the site’s subscriptions – total it is 5. Prices start at 69 euros for 1 month, 179 euros for 3 months, 299 euros for 6 months, 479 euros for a year and 1790 euros unlimited license. If you are sure that you want to devote several years to cryptocurrency trading and become a professional, it is better to buy an unlimited license – it will be cheaper.

But before you make a purchase, it is better to test ATAS for 2 weeks for free. Go to the “Download” page and click on the “ATAS download” button. The program will load on your computer. Platform versions are available for computers on Windows 10 and MAC OS. Install and then run ATAS. A program window will appear and click on “Connect”.

Connection ATAS to crypto exchange

ATAS platform review

The ATAS menu will open. First of all, you should connect to your crypto exchange. By the way, this platform can also be used with the stock and forex markets. Go to the “Settings” category, look for the “Exchange settings” icon and click on it. In the “Exchange list” field, enter the name of your crypto exchange, for example, BINANCE, and click on its name 2 times.

Back to the “Home” category. Click on the “Connections” icon. Next, click on the “Add” button. Find and select your crypto exchange, in my case it is Binance. Confirm that you agree with the ATAS conditions and click on the “I accept, please continue” button. The exchange connection window opens, in which you need to enter KEY and SECRET of the BINANCE to connect to ATAS.

It is necessary to make new KEY and SECRET like as in the case of 3COMMAS. For more information about connecting, you can know in the video “Connecting services to a crypto exchange”. After entering the keys to ATAS from your exchange, click on the “Finish” button, and the connection is completed. So you will have access to digital money trading directly from the ATAS, which will make your work more convenient.

Let’s look at all the platform tools. The first tool is the charts. I click on the corresponding icon, select a trading pair, let it be BTC_USDT and the chart will open. At the top have a bunch of tools for drawing on the chart, cloning, and most importantly, the types of charts. You can open several charts at one time or visualize them in the form of, for example, clusters.

Learn about ATAS Tools

ATAS platform review

Clusters allow you to see in detail and clearly what is happening on the market right now and it is better to analyze the situation, is it worth it to enter into a deal or not? Go to the “Chart” tab, where you can select any type of chart and time interval. There are options for choosing charts by minutes, seconds, ticks, volume, delta, range, order flow, and many other options.

Any crypto exchange does not have these tools, but ATAS has it. These charts help you see more in the market. The second tool is “Smart tape”. It is an aggregates and filters transactions in the digital coin market. This information will allow you to find real big traders and see options for when opening a deal and when close it.

The third tool – “Bid / Ask Tape”, is an analog of “Smart tape”, only with a narrower specialization for searching for large volumes and orders. The fourth tool – “All prices”, is needed to quickly see all the current prices of a trading pair. And the fifth tool – “Smart DOM”, is designed to analyze liquidity on the crypto exchange and find deals of big players.

A description of all the features of ATAS is beyond the scope of this material. In conclusion, I will say that the success of trading is not in fundamental or mathematical analysis. Firstly, these are automated tools (3COMMAS bots). Secondly – informative charts and smart “The Depth of Market” (from ATAS), which show you the real volumes and actions of major traders in the digital money market.


The ATAS platform review is complete. If you are interested in the details of what kind of system it is, you can find it on the page “ATAS – trade with order flow”. Before you start using ATAS, I advise you to watch the training videos on the company’s channel. There is a lot of information and it will be useful to you. I will also start releasing ATAS training videos.

ATAS platform review
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