Buy cryptocurrency in Europe

Hello crypto traders. This time I will have a review of the new cryptocurrency exchange – Kriptomat. This exchange, unlike most other Asian platforms, is European. Therefore, if you live or travel in Europe, this platform will definitely come in handy for you. Details below.

European crypto exchange Kriptomat

Kryptomat reviewWhile exploring new ways to buy and cash out crypto while traveling, I found the Kriptomat exchange. The platform is interesting because it is European and allows you to quickly and conveniently buy many popular tokens. To do this, you just need to register, link your bank account to the exchange, and you will have access to buying and selling cryptocurrency in Europe.

At the same time, transactions can be made both through the Kriptomat website and a special application for PC, Android, and iOs devices. The Kriptomat app is a multi-wallet for selling, buying, and storing digital money. This exchange and its cryptocurrency wallet are characterized by high reliability and security.

Kriptomat crypto exchange review

Buy cryptocurrency in EuropeSo it is proposed to set up authorization via SMS or Google, and store coins on an offline cold wallet. There is a fine-tuning of notifications about all actions on your wallet and the Kriptomat exchange. With this application, you have access to all monitoring of trade, statistics of transactions, transactions, security report,s and any actions.

To guarantee the safety and security of your money on Kriptomat, there is a KYC procedure (identity confirmation). The exchange is government-regulated and has a European license, so you can be sure of the safety of your personal data and tokens.

Features of the Kriptomat exchange

Buy cryptocurrency in EuropeOther advantages of Kriptomat include low fees and no hidden spreads or payments. Everything is transparent! In addition, the system always warns you what commission will be deducted from you when carrying out a particular transaction. Funding an account on a crypto exchange is available through a European credit card or bank. Money from the exchange is also transferred to the card or bank.

Kryiptomat supports the most popular tokens such as BTC, USDT, ETH, LTC, XRP, DOT, ADA, LINK, BAT, COMP, UNI, and many more. Most importantly, it is a European support service that speaks 20 languages ​​such as English, Italian, French, Spanish, Estonian, and many others.


The video review about the Kriptomat exchange has been completed. I talked about the main characteristics of this platform. If you are planning to move to live in Europe or travel around it for a while, then Kriptomat will definitely come in handy for quickly exchanging digital money. That’s all until new videos on

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