Huobi Cryptocurrency Exchange

Cryptocurrency continues to develop and is used by many people around the world—step by step, it is replacing the normal currency for people. There’s been a rise in available services that people can use to exchange cryptocurrency. These services usually operate on advanced software. One of these services is Huobi, which is currently in the Top 3 crypto exchange services in terms of volume daily trading.

Huobi Review

Exchange Huobi review

Huobi opened in the 2013 year in Beijing, China. Initially, this platform was focused only on the Chinese market. At that time, the company focused on the research of exchanging fiat money to cryptocurrency, as well as blockchain technology. After some time, Huobi gradually evolved into one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchange sites. When the government in China tightened its policy on cryptocurrency exchanges, Huobi moved its main office from China to Singapore.

Currently, Huobi continues to research blockchain technology and is improving the exchange of fiat money to cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other coins. The company has offices in the many cities of the world—Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong, USA, and Korea. This cryptocurrency exchange offers a convenient and flexible service for exchanging money into cryptocurrency so that you can trade. The service is very reliable, and the list of features, such as the use of powerful crypto bots, will be popular amongst many users.

There are a huge number of cryptocurrency exchange sites. On our site, I already wrote a review about Binance, Kucoin, and Bitmex. What is good about Huobi? Now I will tell more about the main advantages of Huobi.

Advantages of Huobi

Exchange Huobi review

– Huge list of interesting cryptocurrencies.

– High-security level.

– Low commission – only 0.2%.

– Fast working platform – trade instantly on Huobi.

– There is a Thai version of the site – Hello to the Thai people!

– Large volume trading allows you to work on Huobi effectively.

– App for any platform – whether it is an Android, PC, or iPhone!

Sounds interesting? But you can say that other crypto exchange sites have good security, and an average commission and that many of them are better than Huobi. Yes, I completely agree with you. In fact, I didn’t pay attention to Huobi, until recently. Huobi now offers a serious advantage.

What is it? Believe me, this is the most powerful advantage that will force you to open your very own Huobi account right now and start trading, at least on the site’s minimum settings.

The main advantage of Huobi is that 3commas is ABSOLUTELY FREE for this exchange. Yes, yes, you heard it right. You can use all the features of 3commas — for example, simple or composite bots for Huobi, for free and without any obligations. Read more about this and check out the article – “3commas cryptocurrency bots for free for Huobi”

Free Bitcoin and cryptocurrency bot

Registration on Huobi

Exchange Huobi reviewTo open an account on Huobi, you will need to complete a few simple steps. The first step is to follow the link in the description under the video and text:

You can register via the phone number or email. During the registration process, enter your country and some other details, just like you would for any other site. Next, you will receive a code to confirm your registration by e-mail and phone number. Enter this code and that’s it!

Next, you need to log in to your account, install the two-step Google authorization. This is a very quick process.

And the final step is to pass the verification. Go to the “in Verification” section, enter your passport number, put your first and last name, and then upload a scan of your passport. That is all. You will then need to wait for your account to pass the verification process.

After all the above steps, you will be able to access all the features of Huobi, including free 3commas bots. Read more about this in the link below the video description here:

Free Bitcoin and cryptocurrency bot


We’re done! In this article, I talked about another cryptocurrency exchange service—Huobi.  We discussed its advantages, as well as how to open an account on the platform. Start taking advantage of these benefits, especially the free bots and Smart Trade features!

review Huobi
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