Review BITKUB crypto exchange

Great day, cryptocurrency traders. The topic of today’s video is the review of a crypto exchange for exchanging Thai baht for Bitcoin – BITKUB. This site is now very useful because of old Thai exchange BX.IN.TH is already closed and there are no other analogs. You will learn how to buy or sell cryptocurrency in Thailand, send it to another person, how to withdraw crypto, and much more.

Advantages of BITKUB

review bitkub

Now we are on the main page of the BITKUB website. For information on how to register and add a Thai bank account to BITKUB, see in this video. The first advantage of the site, here the language switches from English to Thai. Therefore, if the Thai language is more convenient for you, then the first knowledge with cryptocurrency in the native language will be easier.

The second advantage of the exchange is a low percentage for the buy or sale of cryptocurrency. Let’s move to the “Market” section. Cheaper price for crypto only for LocalBitcoins, but again, there it is not very convenient and safe. And here is a serious exchange, which is fully legal. Therefore, the security of the crypto exchange is its third advantage.

The fourth advantage is the quick process of exchange Thai baht for bitcoin. Transfers between accounts and exchanges occur almost instantly. Of the disadvantage of BITKUB, it’s useful to note, this is a small volume, which is not very suitable for trading. So it is better to use this exchange for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency, followed by the transfer of funds, for example, to BINANCE and 3COMMAS.

How to deposit money in BITKUB

review bitkub

Let’s see how to get Thai baht on BITKUB. You must have already verified your account and a Thai bank is added to this site. We are going on to the page “MY WALLET”, it is located here. Select the first line “Thai Bath”, press the “DEPOSIT” button to go to the next step.

A new page will open where you can choose two options – “Mobile Banking” (instant transaction) or “Thai Baht Transfer” (from 20 to 40 minutes). Enter the desired amount for the transfer and click on the “DEPOSIT NOW” button. Done! Now you need only to wait for the money to come and you will have the opportunity to buy crypto for Thai Baht.

When the money is already in the account, go to the “MARKET” page, select the cryptocurrency that you want to buy, for example, Bitcoin, choose the option to buy at “Limit” or “Market”, click on the “Buy” button and that’s it. Next, to transfer Bitcoin to Binance, for manual or trading 3COMMAS bots, go to the “MY WALLET” page.

We search for the line “Bitcoin (BTC)” and click on the “WITHDRAW” button. In the new window on the left side, we see the amount of your BTC, and on the right, the address to which we can transfer the crypto. Paste here your Bitcoin wallet on the BINANCE exchange. In the same way, you can transfer Bitcoin to other people’s wallets. Click on the “WITHDRAW” button and you’re done.

Withdraw money from BITKUB to a Thai bank account

review bitkub

For withdrawing funds from BINANCE to BITKUB is the reverse process. Copy your Bitcoin wallet from BITKUB on the page “MY WALLET”, line BTC, section “DEPOSIT”. Go to BINANCE site, select the “Withdraw” tab. Paste your Bitcoin wallet address from BITKUB, write the amount of BTC for withdraw and confirm by clicking on “Submit”. So we are waiting for the funds to come to the Thai exchange.

Back to the BITKUB site and go to the “Market” page – our task now is to sell Bitcoin in Thailand. We choose to sell at the “Limit” or “Market” price option and wait for the completion of the transaction. To transfer Thai baht to your bank account, go to the “MY WALLET” page, select the first line “Thai Baht” and click on the “WITHDRAW” button.

In the new window on the left side, we have the details of the Thai bank and the amount that is available for withdrawal. On the right side, enter the amount of money to withdraw and Google authentication code. Click on the “WITHDRAW” button and you’re done. Now we are waiting for the funds to arrive in your bank account. The procedure can take from a few minutes to 2 hours.


In this video, we had a review of the Thai crypto exchange BITKUB. Trading on this exchange is not worth it, because of the small volume. However, for investing in cryptocurrency or transferring funds to other exchanges, BINANCE and BITMEX, this service is very useful. The withdrawal of money from the service happened quickly and directly to your Thai account.

Review Bitkub crypto exchange
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