How to make money for a beginner in cryptocurrency

Greetings. In this video, I will give step-by-step instructions on how to start a beginner to make money in cryptocurrencies, namely trading using 3commas bots. I will also give links to other pages of the site, so that a beginner, having studied this video and article, will understand everything. Let’s get started!

How to start using 3commas crypto bots

How to make money for a beginner in cryptocurrencyI think the most affordable way to make money on digital money is trading using 3commas bots. You should take the following steps. If you have already done some steps, you can skip them.

1) Register on the Bitkub exchange.

2) Register on the Binance exchange.

3) Register on the 3commas website.

4) Turn on Paper Trading (demo account) on the 3commas website.

Cryptocurrency demo account

5) Copy the bot settings.

Cryptocurrency Bots 2021

6) Learn to use the bot trading platform. You are given 3 days free to start using all 3commas features. Namely, try to make changes to the bot settings, change pairs, create new bots and launch them. Study the trading results of your bots, analyze and compare these results, try to improve your trading.

Instructions for making money on the cryptocurrency

7) Sign up for a paid 3commas subscription. After 3 days, if you like the service and want to improve your results, subscribe to a “Pro” subscription for 1 month or a year (the price is cheaper for a year than monthly). The results will not come immediately, you may need several months to fully understand how crypto bots work and only then start earning.

8) Connect the Binance exchange to 3commas. How to do it correctly is described in this article “Registration and how to work with 3commas bots”. You can also connect other exchanges to 3commas such as Kucoin, Huobi, Bitmex, and many others.

9) Transfer money to Binance for trading. You can fund your Binance account from a regular bank card or from the Thai exchange Bitkub.

10) Create your own crypto bot or copy the settings for trading on a real account. Note – bots from paper trading (demo) cannot be used on a real account and vice versa. Therefore, bots for trading real money must be copied or created separately.

Challenges for a newbie in cryptocurrencies

11) Keep learning how to use 3commas bots. Your goal is to learn how to make money consistently. If some bots do not open deals for a long time, then change coins in pairs, change signals, try paid signals. You can partially or completely change the settings of bots, compare them with the previous settings to find the best option for making money.

12) Observe risk management when trading bots. A beginner trader should use the first order in robots no more than 10 USD, and a safety order no more than 20 USDT. A bot or several bots must use no more than 50% of the deposit! The remaining 50% should be left for manual averaging or creating additional reference orders.

13) Potential losses and risks. Bots do not guarantee you constant and quick profits. Sometimes, all of your safety orders will run out. In these cases, all you have to do is … The first is to add more money for new safety orders. The second is to wait until the deals are closed with a profit. The third is to close trades manually at a loss. Make your own decisions based on the market situation.


The video about how to start a beginner in cryptocurrencies and how to use bots 3commas is coming to an end. I have provided you with step-by-step instructions of 13 steps that will definitely help you. But if you want to learn how to trade faster and better, join the private group

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