How to reduce stress for a trader

Welcome, all. The job of a cryptocurrency trader is often fraught with risk and fear of losing money. Therefore, almost all people who trade or invest in cryptocurrencies experience stress and tension. I will tell you how to deal with this in this video. Getting started!

How to relax a trader

How to reduce stress for a traderTip 1 – take a break from trading, computer, and internet at least once a week. It is better at this time to just watch calm films, read an interesting fiction book, go to nature and the sea. Tip 2 – Do sports like swimming, brisk walking, running, gym, or yoga.

Tip 3 – Get yourself 7 to 14 days of rest every 3 or 6 months. Go on a trip, preferably to another country or at least to another city. Shop for interesting things, try new and delicious food, discover new places. Tip 4 – Find a hobby other than trading, such as video games, dancing, singing, painting, and so on.

Ways to Reduce Stress for a Trader

Tip 5 – 2 hours before bedtime, do not open the chart, and do not trade at all. Better to spend this time with family and friends, or just relax. Tip 6 – trade on a 1D timeframe. This will save you more time and hassle because this type of trading is easier and less risky. Tip 7 – if you trade on a 1D timeframe, then the chart can be viewed 1-2 times a day.

Tip 8 – find friends or trading colleagues, online and offline, from whom you can get moral support, you can share your thoughts, trading ideas, and experiences. Also, provide other advice or spiritual support. Tip 9 – Read books on the psychology of trading, such as “Trading in the zone” written by Mark Douglas.

Meditation for a crypto trader

Tip 10 – if you are in a bad mood, you have a big loss when trading cryptocurrency, or you just feel like you have no desire to do anything, then stop! Take a break from trading for 2-3 months to recover morally. And then, with renewed vigor, resume trading digital money.

Tip 11 – if you are often haunted by stress and depression, it is better to consult a professional psychologist to solve this problem. Tip 12 – Get a medical examination and check your health every six months. Tip 13 – Drink vitamins, eat healthily and think positively.

Tip 14 – Try to go to bed not too late, preferably at the same time. Sleep as much as your body needs and get enough sleep to feel great! Tip 15 – Do yoga and meditation at home, on the beach or in the forest. Especially for the users of, I recorded a video of nature and the sea for relaxation.


The video on how to reduce stress, anxiety, and nervous tension when trading cryptocurrency is completed. Try to adhere to all 15 tips, especially do yoga and meditation in order to feel better and more comfortable, and therefore trade more profitably! That’s all until the next videos on

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