Trading results on 3commas for March 2019

Good day crypto traders! I offer to your attention the next video report about my trade by bots 3commas. This video is the third in a row. I have a new experience, thanks for that because I have improved my strategy for trading Bitcoin bots to other cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency trading report on 3commas – March 2019

Results of trade 3commas for March 2019

Same as before, we go to the section “My Deals” on the site 3commas. And check what my balance is at the moment. This is 3927 dollars. I record the video on April 7, and not on April 3rd, so on April 3rd, I had about $ 3,600, which is 115,400 baht. These are statistics for 3 months of using bots. The report of trade on 3commas for January and February 2019 you can see below on the links.

ผลการเทรดผ่าน 3commas – มกราคม 2019

ผลการเทรดผ่าน 3commas สำหรับเดือนกุมภาพันธ์ 2019

I want to remind you that in the first month of January 2019 – I had an income of $ 305. In the second month of February 2019 – $ 1,300. And in the third month of March 2019 – $ 2,000 or 64,000 baht. 700 dollars more than in the previous month! This is a pure profit without a loss. Of course, I had losses and mistakes, because I tested new strategies and ways to make money on bots. Next time I will do less mistakes and I will earn more. In addition, Bitcoin has grown very much on April 2nd and 3rd 2019 year, bringing exactly 10,000 dollars to me in two days – 320,000 baht. Good progress, do you agree?

What did I do? In this report, I will give only a little information. If you want to know more, I will only share with people who registered on the 3commas website by my affiliate link, joined my Facebook group, and subscribed to my crypto YouTube channel. All links are in the description below the video. After done these operations, you can contact me and I will tell you everything in detail.

The first. As before, I added more money to my deposit to trade crypto bots. In March, I added 2 more bitcoins. I was able to increase the size of the trading lot in deals and therefore the income became higher.

Review trading crypto on 3commas – March 2019

The second. My trading experience has grown, I took into my trading previous mistakes and learned how to open more profitable deals and close them in good time. I also understood when it is better time to close losing deals with minimal losses.

Third. I also work with 6-7 couples per day, which needs to be switching sometimes. It takes only 2 hours a day. And sometimes I connect new 3-4 pairs, which allow me to earn extra money, but with some risk! Who subscribed to my YouTube channel, member of my Facebook group, and is registered by my link to 3commas, I will give access to the VIP-group in Line application, in which I post a list of coins for trading crypto.

I already wrote in the previous report for February 2019 that you do not need to analyze charts or choose trading pairs. Only switch bots 3 times a day. It takes 30 to 60 minutes your time, but helps earn good money.

All instructions – how and what to do, how to start, I will give my subscribers in a secret video. To access it, follow the links below – join the Facebook group, subscribe to the YouTube channel and register with my affiliate link to 3commas!

The result of the trading crypto on 3commas – March 2019

My review at this time – I am even more pleased with the work of 3commas in March 2019. Once again I made sure that possible earn big money here. It all depends on the size of your deposit, the desire to learn how to use bots, and patience. I will continue to look for new strategies and ways to earn more on this service.

In March 2019, I made fewer mistakes, because I understood my previous experience. However, some of the mistakes I still made in March 2019. The main mistake – opened a lot of deals and keep them for a long time, hoping to earn more. And many deals go to a negative trend when happening fast-moving price in the crypto market, especially when Bitcoin becomes very fast grow up. Part of the deals I closed with loss. Of course, I quickly back with profit them … But believe me friends – greedy no good to anything. So do not be greedy and know how to wait! Be patient dear traders.

Remember that crypto robots are just a tool that helps you and make trading easier. But this is not a panacea and not a button “Easy Money”. Without your participation, you can earn only 1 to 3 percent per month. Of course, for some, this may be enough and such results are not bad. But if you want from 5 to 10 percent per month like me – you should spend 30-60 minutes per day for set up bots and switching pairs. My VIP group with online signals will help you.

As a conclusion: Next month is April 2019, my goal is to earn even more with 3commas bots. I want to increase my income with crypto to 20 to 30 percent a month. In this case, I should almost spend time trading cryptocurrency, help robots, and actively think about strategies. But the income from 200 to 350 dollars a day is worth it. Do you agree?


A video report about Bitcoin trading and crypto for March 2019 by 3commas finished. Wait for a new trading report on cryptocurrency bots for April 2019. See you in the next new videos!

Results of trade 3commas for March 2019
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