2000 USD per month by cryptocurrency

Hello traders. Today I have a very unusual and interesting topic. It is about how much per day and month you can earn by trading cryptocurrency. I will also talk about ways to earn $ 2,000 per month and $ 100 per day – how much is needed for this deposit and what techniques are used. Everything in order further. We are starting right now!

How much possible to make a profit on crypto per day/month?

make 100$ per day

On the cryptocurrency market, there is an opportunity to earn from $ 2,000 per month and from $ 100 per day. Profit in cryptocurrency depends on several factors. 1) Deposit – how much money are you willing to put into your account for trading. The more money, the more percentage you can earn from it. 2) Experience – beginners usually quickly lose money and drain the entire deposit. By gaining trading experience, the trader starts to trade better and more profitably.

3) Trading strategy – coming from the previous point. Having a good trading strategy and investment plan, a trader is even able to overclock a small deposit several times. 4) Risk and money management – beginners, as a rule, do not comply with money management and therefore lose money. The goal in trading is not only to make money but to stay in the game as long as possible and keep the deposit. If you learn to maintain a deposit and increase it, then your income will grow.

4) Leverage – it is something that often attracts beginners, but it is better to start using it after acquiring your first trading skills after at least a couple of months. Leverage is available in the cryptocurrency futures market and the margin market such as Binance, Binance Futures, and Bitmex. 5) Tools – most traders trade directly on the exchange without using useful tools.

How to make 100 USD per day on crypto?

2000 USD per month by cryptocurrency

These are tools such as Smart Trade, Trailing Take Profit, Trailing Stop Loss, Stop Loss Timeout, Split Target Take Profit, automatic Averaging, accurate trade entry signals, professional crypto indicators, cluster charts, and bots for automated trading. Professional traders usually always use these tools on the 3commas and ATAS sites, which really increases the trading performance.

For example, how to make $ 100 per day on crypto? For moderate trading and earning $ 100 per day, you need a $ 10,000 deposit (1% profit per day). The spot market, open trades manually via Smart Trade or 3commas bots. If you don’t have that kind of money, then you need to trade more aggressively and have at least $ 5,000 in your account. And the last option, the minimum deposit is $ 2,000, but you have to use x5 leverage.

With x5 leverage, it is again better to trade through Smart Trade or use 3commas futures bots, with optimal settings. However, trading in futures is riskier and you must use Stop Loss with x5 leverage. In the case of a deposit of $ 5,000 and $ 10,000, Averaging or Safety Orders are applied, and the risks are much less.

How to trade with a small and big deposit?

2000 USD per month by cryptocurrency

Alternatively, if you only have $ 2,000, first overclock the deposit using bots in the crypto Futures market to $ 5,000. Then, using 2% of $ 5,000, gradually increase the deposit to $ 10,000. And then you can calmly earn 1% from $ 10,000 per day, that is, $ 100 a day, which is quite realistic. Thus, your income will be 2000 and more thousand dollars per month! Hence the following conclusion.

With a small deposit, you should trade on the futures market with x5 leverage. And when our deposit is average, we use 2-3% of it, this is aggressive trading on the spot market. Then, when you already have a larger deposit, then use 1% of it. Over time, having gained experience, you can move the entire amount, say, $ 10,000 or $ 20,000 to the futures market, use x5 leverage and trade 5 crypto pairs, and try to make a profit from each pair.

In this case, your income will already be from $ 200 per day or from $ 4,000 per month. But this is of course all figurative. Consider that there will be losses, Stop Loss, investor position, weak volatility, and a falling market. Therefore, it is not always and not every day that it will be possible to earn $ 100 per day on cryptocurrencies or from $ 2,000 per month. Explore and learn the site botcryptotrade.com, gain more experience, and use 3commas and ATAS tools.


The video about how to earn $ 100 per day on cryptocurrencies and from $ 2,000 per month has been completed. For detailed e-money trading techniques and strategies, see other videos at botcryptotrade.com. And if you want ready-made settings for spot and futures bots, subscribe to our channel, follow the Facebook group and pay for the “Pro” subscription at 3commas. That’s all until new videos!

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